Product Advantages

Product Advantages

Excellent weather resistance

UPVC withstands various kinds of weather conditions and UV rays. It does not require any special maintenance.

Excellent fire proofing

UPVC profile systems are fully self extinguishing.

Excellent sound proofing

Multiple chambers inside the UPVC profile structure for a sound reduction between 33 and 43 dB,

Excellent heat insulation

With a heat insulation at least 2.2 times better than Aluminum windows, UPVC windows let you save a lot of energy, and keep your home cool and comfortable.

Excellent water resistant

UPVC window and door system do not have leakages during rain. They are designed to be water tight when tested up to 300PA, limit specified in BS 3675 performance of windows part 1 1989, classification of weather tightness.

Corrosion resistance

UPVC withstands will never rust or corrode so will always look and function at their very best.

Attractive Appearance

With a smooth surface and properly welded corners, UPVC windows show a modern window design.

       Product Range:
  • Casement Window
  • Sliding window
  • Panel Door
  • Sliding Door
  • Tilt-Turn Window
  • Top Hung Window


  • AL MADINA UPVC Products undertake all the external conditions (Hotness, Coldness, Dusts and sun rays) because of the high technical specifications for our profiles which enable it to stand very high and low temperatures more than 60 degree and less than 60 degree.
  • There is no painting or maintenance for our products, which stay for a long time.
  • A high specification for our profiles that is prevents the sound and noise to interfere inside the building, in order to keep you in a good and quite mood.
  • As AL MADINA UPVC products are made from the PVC material, it is inflammable, due to its chemical properties; it is very safe area of living for you and your children’s.

Technical Data Sheet:

  • Profile thickness 70mm
  • Profile wall thicknesses are produced within tolerance of 3mm (-0.2)
  • Window glazing in Thickness 24mm
  • Does not get affected from the sunlight and outdoor factors, does not get deformed, and has full non leakage ability due to its special design, Black EPDM seal.
  • Inclinatory by 15 Degree on the profile surface facilitates water discharge.
  • Since the high screw is directly placed on the hinge reinforcement steel, the risk of relapsing on the wings is being eliminated.
  • All main profile provides perfect heat isolation since they have minimum number of chambers as 4.
  • Glazing bead profiles are inclined by 8 degree and, therefore, make pressure on the glazing surface to make it more stabilized and no dust gets accumulated on the surface.

Product Component:

Product Accessories:

Free Maintenance

You will get benefit of free maintenance
for your convenience for 400 days .

Competitive Price

We assure you competetive price corresponding to
the demand of customers.

15 Years Warranty

15 Year warranty for UPVC profile &
1 year for all accessories.